Boo Hoo

Last day in Raja. Tears all around. We could have mutinied, there were no guest scheduled for the Coralia until Wednesday and had we revolted we could have had the boat to ourselves for another 3 days but sanity prevailed and we disembarked at 7.30am.

Last night was the send off party and the BBQ went beyond the standard that had been set for the rest of the trip We ate like kings. Raja Ampat means the 4 kings, reference to the four large islands in the area, and we got a taste of their life. The whole crew was up on the upper deck, after the formal introductions of all the folks that have help us all week they joined in a rocking good bye song, something to do with say┼Źnara. Japanese but who is keeping track?

We were shuttled back to Sorong on a speed boat ferry. Bump, bump, thump, wholly! it was rough. An hour and a half later we were back on terra firma and the boat was still moving, gently but still moving. Dropped off at a hotel we wait for our flight times it is the first real downtime in ten days. My body likes the rest.

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