Bonaire Unpacking

While unpacking, I discovered a few items in my bag that I did not use in Bonaire and a few items that I want to comment on.

I took a small purse, for evenings, and did not use it.  I actually went without one a lot as Murray always had money, and there were evenings that I didn’t think I needed to carry anything. We took a mesh bag to carry scuba gear, but the dive shop supplied mesh bags, so we used theirs.

Instead of a day pack, I took a small triathlon backpack that I got in a race.  It was GREAT! It was big enough to carry our dive logs, dive computers and reading glasses when we went for lunch. If I needed a “purse” at supper, I found I took this one as Murray’s glasses and a few odds and ends fit inside it.

We tried the Sea to Summit laundry soap leaves to do a bit of laundry.  The clothes were not all that dirty so it wasn’t a really good test of the product.  I felt I had to use about 3 leaves in a small sink full of water to wash Murray’s golf shirt.

The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo bar worked very well. Good lather and hair felt clean. My hair was a bit rough feeling with no conditioner, but I can put up with it for a short period. I think this bar will go to Bhutan and India with us.

We will have to test more solid forms of bug repellent as our one test of citronella patches was a miserable failure.  I am still wearing the spots inflicted that night.

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