Bonaire Shore Diving

Last night I researched information on shore diving on Bonaire.

I found this website, , that has a map of all the dive sites.  It also has a downloadable pdf dive guide.  It has the Bonaire Marine Park regulations and gives a short description of each shore dive, each boat dive around Klein Bonaire Island and the map. I was tempted to print the guide – all 54 pages of it, except for all the advertising, but another blog mentions that it is free in the airport, so we will look for it there.

Found another website….. It is basically an advertisement for a book called “Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy” by Susan Porter. Each dive site is described with site number, ease of entry, snorkel site rating, entrance and exit info and dive info. The book can be ordered on line or purchased on Bonaire at various locations.  This looks like a very good option.

Our friends from New York, who traveled to Bonaire in February, said they were given a shore diving map and info from the staff at their hotel.  They managed just fine with just this info.

Here is a website that has shore diving tips. There is some really good info here.  Here is another.  I am going to recommend that all our dive buddies read these two sites before we head off.

I think we will wait until we get to Bonaire to get maps and info on shore dives.

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