Bonaire Packing Update

We like to choose hotels that are willing to communicate via email with us. If we have a question, we just email the hotel.  Last night, Murray emailed the Carib Inn, where we are staying on Bonaire, and asked them a couple of questions.  They responded today!

We asked about electrical outlets, and Bonaire has the same type of outlet as the US and Canada.  Therefore, we do not have to take adapter plugs with us.

We also asked whether they have towels to use for the beach.  They do, but the quantities are limited.  We will bring our own towels with us.

The third question we asked was whether they rent booties and open healed fins.  They do not.  We are planning on shore diving, and we need either booties or water shoes to walk on the rocks into the water. We have booties and open healed fins, but our friends have full foot fins.  Some of our friends are going to take water shoes. Others are going to rent booties and fins from another dive shop on the island.

Now I can cross off Adapter Plugs on the packing list and leave towels on.

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