Yellow Hornbill

Yellow-billed Hornbill

We do not have a comprehensive list of the birds we see in Tanzania but in Botswana we have a very long list of possible bird sightings given to us by the safari company.  Even though we check-mark sightings off the list, we do have trouble identifying them in the field. There are just so many different birds here in Africa.



There are Water Birds – storks, ibis and hamerkop. There are Ground Birds – ostrich and cranes. There are Raptors – the infamous chicken stealing kite, secretary birds and vultures. There is a group called Near-Passerines – hornbills, kingfishers and rollers. And these are just a few of the birds that we see.

Open-billed Stork

Open-billed Stork

We see many Crested Guinea Fowl and from a distance they are eye catching but up close their beautiful colored heads are completely prehistoric. Egyptian Geese roughly resemble our geese but are much prettier and smaller. A Spectacular Starling is indeed spectacular with its blue back and brilliant gold breast. Secretary Birds look like stenos with a drooping black crest that looks like a Victorian clerk’s quills.




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  1. Pat says:

    I looked at all pictures from Tanzania and Botswana,they are great pictures.Keep the spirit burning Debbie and Murray.

    • debbie says:

      Thank you Pat! We ended up with some great photos of birds. Your attempt to turn us into birders was working! Great time in Botswana!

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