Backpacking Packing List

Our backpacking packing list is now posted under “Packing Lists” and then “Backpacking”. The list includes items that may be taken on some trips but not on others, depending on the destination, weather, terrain and length of trip.


We do not take a ground sheet when backpacking due to the weight. We also minimize the number of stakes. For the West Coast Trail we have opted for our older lighter (although smaller) Timberline tent, with a vestibule. It will save us about 4 lbs of weight over our newer Marmot tent.


The number of pots to take will depend on what will be cooked. We will be taking one medium pot with us to the West Coast Trail.


There are a number of optional items on this list (binoculars, books, camera, note book) depending on your trip. The garbage bags are to store sleeping bags and clothes in inside your pack for rain protection (we do not use stuff sacks as we feel our backpacks pack better without them). The emergency candles are for lighting a fire in an emergency so you don’t use lots of matches.


The list moves from hiking clothes/items to camp clothes to sleep clothes. The rain and warm layers are, of course, dependent on the location of your hike.


The first aid kit should be able to treat mostly scraps, cuts and sprains. We carry some items specific to Murray and Debbie (allergy meds).

Staple Foods

This list is a comprehensive list and the items taken are dependent on the menu plan. All the items are re-packaged into small containers for reduced volume and weight. You will have to estimate how much of an item to take and if you run out of jam, or PB, half way through your hike, it is dry bagels for you!

Personalize the list for you and your style of backpacking. It is by no means an authoritative list, it is the Murray and Debbie list.

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