Backcountry Skiing Packing List

Now that I have added backcountry skiing to my repertoire of sports and reasons to travel, I need a packing list. Murray has one but it is hand written. Time for the official Backcountry Skiing – Day Trips Packing List. The list is found under the “Packing Lists” tab on the main menu bar.

This list is for day trips only, with a view that emergency gear is carried in case we are caught out overnight. Thus the bivy sack, candles, flashlight, matches and silver blanket.

Murray is stronger and his pack is larger than mine so when we go together I will not take some of the items (wire, bivy sack, scraper etc) on the list. I still think I need enough to survive on my own in an emergency.

My first trip into the backcountry will be up at Sol Mountain Lodge, near Vernon, BC. We will be there for 3 full days of skiing. I will let you know how it goes and any changes to the packing list.

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