Backcountry Skiing in April

We are in Revelstoke to catch a heli to Sol Mountain Lodge tomorrow to embarkĀ on another backcountry ski adventure. This one is with a group of 13 people, mostly from Sundance Ski Shop. There will be various levels of skiing and backcountry expertise, from newbies to very experienced, in both categories. Murray and I are by far the oldest skiers going, with the average age about 25. Should be fun!

Murray has been watching the Avalanche Canada website meticulously as April tends to be a high avalanche danger month due to the spring temperatures. The website is the go to place for all backcountry enthusiasts to determine conditions.

Murray’s thoughts are to get up and out the door early, ski till about noon and then head back to the lodge. Since he is skiing with me, a couple stepsĀ above a newbie skier, we will be skiing the “beginner” shallow sloped terrain, which is generally south facing up at Sol. These south facing slopes get the impact of the sun in the afternoons, which turns the snow into “pig snot” and is very hard to ski.

Some of the group have hired a guide to tour them through the backcountry. This is an excellent idea as these guys are new to the backcountry and to the area. Another group has been to the lodge before and will head out on their own.

We hope to get some good turns in and a nice break at a wonderful lodge in the back country. We will keep you updated!


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