Backcountry Packing List Review

When I packed my pack for our backcountry day trips, I threw into the bottom of the pack the items that I thought I would not use – toilet paper, first aid kit, warm shirts, extra socks and Gortex jacket. Shovel and probe were pushed down the inside of the pack. My down jacket went in next followed on top by my extra mitts, extra toque, goggles, lunch and water bottle. Into the top zippered pocket went hand/toe warmers, silver blanket, flashlight, compass, granola bars. My pack didn’t weigh too much and I didn’t feel overburdened.

Sol Mountain

Debbie geared up

It was warm in the Monashees, hovering around 2C everyday. I started off with 2 technical shirts and a light jacket and often shed one shirt on the hike up. I had on my regular ski pants, which were much too warm, and a pair of lighter long johns. I wore my lightweight cross country ski gloves and had some heavy ski mitts attached to the outside of my pack to put on for the ski down. I wore a small light toque and sunglasses.

Overall I think the packing list is quite exact for day tripping. If you give backcountry skiing a try, give our packing list a try too!

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