Made it. Not even a bad trip. It started a bit weird. Debbie got singled out for a ‘special’ run through the security check. They make her take out all of her electronics, and put them separately into the xray bins, when the bins appeared on the other side they pulled aside all her bags and swabbed them, and then patted her down. Nothing comes of it so it is only a short delay and we had plenty of time anyway.

The lay over in Seattle is fairly long but the plane is again on time and we are in the air by noon. The next hour is spent trying to get the Alaska Air app to connect so B and Debbie could watch movies. Don’t even know what we did to make the iPad respond but in the end the connection is made and movies are watched.

It is not often travel plans are made and they pan out to the letter but today was one of those days. Off the plane. On time. Pick up a rental car. In the blink of an eye. Stop at the dive shop. Everything as we expected. Groceries. Done. Find the condo. Too slick.

Tomorrow early at the dock.

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