Animal Butts

We spend time watching animals walk away from us. Some animals are shy, some are tired of us watching them, some are just moving along. We take pictures anyway. Here is some of our butt collection.

12 Afr 11 15 0039blog

Impala Butt

12 Afr 11 13 0018blog
Zebra Butt
12 Afr 11 21 0029blog

Waterbuck Butt

12 Afr 11 21 0122blog

Buffalo Butt

12 Afr 11 22 0063blog

Giraffe Butt

12 Afr 11 23 0099blog

Lion Butt

12 Afr 11 25 0006blog

Saddle-billed Stork Butt

12 Afr 11 27 0057blog

Monkey Butt

12 Afr 11 28 0113blog

Red Lechwe Butt









And my favorite…….


Elephant Butt

Elephant Butt


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One Response to Animal Butts

  1. Jane & Randy Murchison says:

    my favorite is the giraffe butt! better than the butts of the male dogs in Asiai!

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