Almost Ready…..

We are mostly packed, only the last minute stuff to organize. The checked suitcase is packed, zipped closed and ready to go. The “To Do Before Leaving” list has a few items crossed out, but most of the list has to be done on the day we leave. The house is as tidy and clean as it is going to get, short of washing the last dishes and a quick clean of the bathroom.

So, now what? The problem with being too organized and efficient is that we, or mostly I, run out of things to do just prior to a long trip. I don’t want to start a new project¬†to only leave it partially done, and forget where I was by the time we get home.

Sunday I read for what seems like hours, finishing the book I had my nose into. Laundry. There is always some laundry to do.

I have a few days to fill in before we leave and some of it will be taken up with exercise, a hair cut and an hour or so at work to clean up there. There will be some empty hours to fill while I think about seeing M&D, scuba diving, body surfing the waves and exploring new lands.

Let’s see how successful I am at keeping occupied.

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