Africa Progress

I am of the belief that things happen for a reason. We ended up on our Bhutan tour with L&R from Sherwood Park. We traveled and got along together like old mates. There was a reason for us meeting up in this fashion.

Last week, as Murray and I were discussing safari tours in Tanzania, I quipped” These tours sound like something L&R would like.  Maybe we should email them to see if they want to go with us.” Meanwhile, in Sherwood Park, L&R were looking at going to Europe in the fall and L commented to R “”Maybe Debbie and Murray would want to go to Europe in the fall.”

And that is how we found ourselves, once again at the Second Cup on Baseline Road, having coffee with L&R. They were excited about our travel plans to Africa and wanted to learn more about what we had planned. We sketched out our plan to safari in both Botswana and Tanzania and then hop over to Zanzibar. We talked about some travel preferences and we all agreed that we should go explore the Serengeti together.

After coffeeing with L&R, Murray and I narrowed our field of about 13 tours down to six possibilities. We sent these to L to peruse and we will be sending out some questions about dates, private tours for the four of us and doing some bush walking. We are getting closer to a decision and it is thrilling.

We are both pretty pumped about traveling with L&R again.  Who knew that first time we met for coffee that we would become traveling companions exploring the world. Kismet.

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  1. Jane & Randy Murchison says:

    Jealous… I am really jealous!

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