A Week and Counting

One of the trips we had to cancel during the pandemic was a Madagascar/Namibia tour. We were very disappointed not to go then. We are a week away from making that sojourn to Africa, this time going to Namibia and Egypt.

In Namibia, we will be touring on our own! “Here’s a map and a truck, and off you go!” Desert, sand dunes, the ocean and animals. This is what you do in Namibia and apparently everyone does it. The country is safe (usual travel precautions apply) and very friendly. Our family and friends think we are crazy. We are both excited!

In Egypt, we are joining a group tour to sail up the Nile from Luxor to Aswan to visit temples and burial sites of the pharaohs. We will be more taken care of than in Namibia. We will also spend time in Cairo, visiting the pyramids and taking a look at the city.

We are almost packed, with just the last minute items to gather and take care of. We are traveling very light for this trip with small carry on bags and “purses” for both of us. No dive gear!

Stay tuned for more posts leading up to our departure.

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