A Turtle of a Day!

On first dive today, a hawksbill turtle swam by to chew on the fin of H, our dive master. He was quite intent on tasting purple fin. Murray captured some amazing video of this fellow, but you will have to wait to view it.

After our dives, we decide to go to the beach and bay where everyone says there are turtles. It is a hot walk from where we parked the car on the highway to the beach. Murray and I jump in the water right away while B watches the bags.

A three legged turtle swims by. I wonder how he lost his back leg. Poor guy. but he doesn’t seem to concerned with not having the right number of limbs.

After B has her snorkel, we walk north on the beach and find two turtle sunning themselves. They must get cold in the water at depth, and so lay on the hot sand to warm up.


We accidently take a walk around a greenish looking lagoon trying to find our way back to the car, and come across a number of other turtles,  both in the water and out. Seems like the time of day to be sunning, if you are a turtle. What a turtle of a day!

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