A Day in Santiago, Chile

It is 7:30 pm and I am half laying, half sitting on the bed in our hotel room and my feet are throbbing. Today we walk and stand and walk and then walk some more. I am not cut out for walking, sitting is more my game.  That is why I am on the bed right now.

Museo de Bellas Artes

Museo de Bellas Artes

We start the day walking from our hotel to the Museo National de Bella’s Artes to view contemporary art. We always go to art galleries when in foreign cities. It gives us an idea of the artistic leanings of peoples not Canadian.

Santiago, chile

A walk through Parque Forestall and through a run down area wanting to be chic which brings us to the foot of the hill that is the Parque Metropolitano and the funicular. We splurge to save my feet and ride up to the top and then down again. The views of the city and the far off mountains from the top of the hill are stunning. We sit beneath the statue of the Virgin and study the various buildings.

Santiago, chile

We stop in at the Museo de Artes Visuals where we watch artistic videos that we do not understand. We do come away from the museum with a great idea for displaying our photos, and maybe even our fish videos, on a large screen in our living room.

A quick pit stop at our hotel and on to the Palacio Cousino. We discover another pedestrian street that is a great spot to rest and people watch. We decide that we could pluck almost anyone off a street here and they would look like they belonged in Edmonton. That is the nature of Edmonton – it is an internationally populated city.

Santiago, chile

A friendly gargoyle we find along our way.

We find a bakery on the way back to our hotel and buy one cheese empanada and one beef empanada to share for supper. A bench opposite the Teatro Municipal Santiago is our picnic place.

Walking and standing for about eight hours (Murray estimates about 15 kms) today takes a toll on my feet but the sights are incredible.

Santiago, chile

Graffiti along one avenue.

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