2 sleeps

I am down to counting sleeps.

We went through our lists again on Sunday. We walked long on Monday. We will do our last swim today and our last walk tomorrow. Thursday night is reserved for the last minute “to do” list – cleaning out the fridge, throwing out garbage, watering plants, changing over wallets.

We received an email on the weekend from Air Asia saying we could go through the web check in. The flight is a week out and they are asking us to check in already! Then we figured out why. If we change our seats, they charge us. If we decided to check bags, they charge us. If we want to buy flight insurance, they charge us. Of course, we did not do any of these! And now we have our boarding passes from Bangkok to Mandalay!

We will do the web check in for our long haul flights tomorrow and hopefully will be able to leave with those boarding passes in hand also.

Only 2 more sleeps………..



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