Wish I Had My Underwater Camera Housing


Early morning on the beach

We go scuba diving today – scuba safari. Nerves, of course, but still excited to be in the ocean.

One Ocean has a couple of boats and today we are 14 divers and snorkelers on the big boat. Our dive group has four divers and Marine, our dive master. The crew is very efficient and the ship deck is organized and run well. We gear up and PLONK! into the water.

Eels. Marina said there are lots of eels on the first dive, and there are. Right away we notice the difference between these eels and the eels we see in the Caribbean. There are whitish ones and orangish ones here.

Nudibranches are frequently spotted. White with black and blue with black ones. They are large – 4 cm long.

We see fish that we know the shape but the colouring is different.  We see our favs – clown triggerfish, clownfish and butterfly fish.

Marina finds two octopi and one is quite large. They are hiding in holes so are only partially visible. It would have been cool to see them outside their holes, but we would have had to wait until dark.

I remember why I love diving so much and rue that fact that I did not bring the underwater housing for my camera.

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