Virgin Gorda update

I think we are set. Way too far in advance but as I mentioned we are traveling at Easter and also the time of many an American school spring break. We must be cognizant of the timing and therefore have booked absolutely everything. We previously mentioned we should get away from this habit and try to do things in a more organic manner but it has not worked out that way.

Now we sit and wait. Last night we reviewed our bookings, making sure all of our flights jibed with each other and our hotel reservations. After missing the flight in Bangkok we decided it was our lack of checking that was the cause of our mishap and we had to review our plans more. On this trip we have a flight that leaves near midnight again and we don’t want to be sleeping restlessly while the plane is taking off from the airport.

There are minor decisions to make like what specific sites we are to dive. BVI contacted us with a couple of proposals outlining the possibilities and costs to charter a boat as a group and visit some of the more far fetched dive sites. This may be our one and only trip to this island so I think it would make good sense to see what is a bit farther afield.

I will keep the blog updated but frankly I do not see anything of relevance coming up in the near future. It is time to shift our focus to a new trip we expect to take around the first of July with our scuba diving school teacher and other friends.

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