Utopia it is not

Bonaire, the sleepy little dive island is changing. It has only been a couple of years since we were here last and the change is very visible and is happening very rapidly. There is new construction everywhere. Seems like the large resort syndrome has struck. Really there is still not much to do on the island but to dive and if you are not a diver you might be hard pressed to entertain yourself for a week but those out there doing the marketing have been selling their hearts out and there are more and more non divers on the island. There is still the wind surfing area on the windward side of the island and kite boarding has become a lot more popular. Unfortunately for the diving people, the kite boarders have completely taken over a couple of the dive sites but there are so many here I don’t think they are missed too much. Some folks rent scooters and traverse the island but that is only a days worth of diversion. There are a few feral donkeys and some flamingos worth viewing and the salt extracting operation is worth a look see, but the beaches are still not world class and I don’t see that ever being the case.

It is a bit sad that these changes are taking place. Bonaire is a divers paradise and I think the economy could do quite well by focusing on that. There is not much else here and one will never make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear so why alter direction and promote the island for something it is not. The all mighty dollar speaks again.

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