Up Close and Personal

Yesterday we were tourists at home. Staying at our house are two folks from Devonshire, GB. A arrived a few weeks ago and N arrived a couple of days ago. We have been busy trying to see a few things tourists in Edmonton are suppose to see.

Bison, Elk island park

Thursday, on the advice of one of the park staff, we arrive at the ‘Bison Loop’ in Elk Island Park at 7 am. First car there I might add. The bison are still on the road and a large number of them are lounging around after a night’s sleep, munching away on the soft dew laden grass. Trying to keep our expectations to a minimum we only hoped to see a buffalo or two. We outdo that by about 50.

Bison, Elk island park

The next couple of hours are bit boring. A few ducks, a goose or two but not much else. We all do our part to ensure mosquitoes survive any issues they have with global warming by contributing a pint of blood each, but that is all the excitement.

Elk Island Park

We head towards a small picnic area for a bite of lunch and there in among the affixed tables is a fine specimen of a male bison bison bison (latin for plains bison). Don’t ask me just look it up. He is very big and well groomed and not the slightest bit interested in us. As he progresses across the lawn munching Elevenzies we watch and take photos.

Bison, Elk Island Park

We get back in the car and he passes within a few feet of  the passenger’s window. A bison, up close and personal.

Bison, Elk Island Park


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