The Process Begins Anew

We have just about exhausted all the tasks related to our Bhutan/India trip. We have debriefed with the idea of changes for our next trip, worked on all the photos and organized them into a couple of versions of slide shows for different audiences, we’ve put all our treasures into an album that chronicles our trip, and we have shown our slides to all those that we could convince to come to our house to watch. We still have to mount a few photos that we will keep around the house to help the trip live on, but it isĀ  about time to start planning our next trip.

Both of us have been mulling over what we should do this year as far as travel goes. It may be that we concentrate on some much needed house renos and only do a dive trip this year. But, we could maybe go to Europe to ride or maybe we could join some friends traveling to SE Asia and dive in Sipidan or maybe we just throw caution to the wind and head to South America and visit Machu Picchu. This crazy diversity of ideas is how our minds work when we are looking for somewhere to go.

Then, the other night and we posed the question “If we had one more trip to do, where would it be?” My answer was Zanzibar, Debbie said that she would go on a safari. That pretty much decided our next destination. Africa. Things are never sealed until we have put a considerable amount of money on the line but Africa looks like it might just fit our timeline and it would knock another continent off the bucket list.

There are music festivals in Mali and Zanzibar in January and February. Both of these festivals are on our list of things to see so it might be worth our while to work our trip around these festivals. We don’t know what the weather is like at that time of the year and we don’t know what the safari possibilities are but these are things that we will research in the next while.

I was on the internet a couple of days ago and bookmarked a lot of sites that offered information on Zanzibar and The Festival in the Desert in Mali and a whole lot of sites that outlined how to choose a safari that will suit.

Yesterday we cornered one of our friends who is very well traveled and had been on a safari. We grilled her about where she went and how she traveled. She gave us some ideas and now we have a place to start our investigation. I’m sure as our research progresses we will bother her again with more specific questions.

And so it begins again, this trip will last over a year by the time it is complete and even though if you look at the dollars invested you might think that travel is expensive if you include all the time we spend dreaming and researching the cost per hour is very small.

Yahoo! Here we go again.

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