Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre is a city of about 500,000 people set on hills surrounding a colonial center. The colonial center was built during the time of the Spanish. Most of the buildings are still intact and it is a joy to walk up and down the blocks viewing the architecture.

Sucre, boliva

Sucre, as seen from the Recoleta.

The elevation in Sucre is 2,750 meters, or 9,000 ft. We have slowly gained elevation from 416 m at Santa Cruz to 1,950 m in La Higuera to here. Murray doesn’t feel the altitude, but I do. If we walk too fast or climb a hill, my heart rate goes up and I need to take some Extra breaths. I keep reminding myself to breath deep. We are still heading higher as we approach the altiplano, so I will be drinking coca tea and breathing deep to alleviate the symptoms.

We have noticed that the personal space envelope in Bolivia is much smaller than in Canada. When passing folks on the sidewalk, they pass close rather than taking a wide arc around. This is not scary or bothersome, it just takes a little getting used to.

Sucre, bolivia

The Governor’s Office.

For lunch today, we try “saltenas” at a sort of fast food place. Liz ordered and paid for the food at a window and then it was delivered to our table. Saltenas are a pastry shell about six inches long shaped like an enclosed boat, filled with either a hot chicken or beef mixture with lots of gravy. Liz tells us that the person who drips gravy on their plate while eating has to pay the bill. Everyone drips great puddles as we have not acquired the skill to eat them daintily, whereas Liz, eats hers without a threat of a spillage.

Sucre, bolivia

La Rotonda.

This week there is a celebration of tourism in Sucre. Tonight there is live music and dancing in the central square, which is just two blocks away from our hotel. We stop by to watch some dancing and A, N and J get picked to dance. They look like they are having fun. I, on the other hand, disappear into the crowd when I see the dancers moving to find new partners among the crowd of watchers. We watch for a bit longer and then walk back to the hotel after a busy day in Sucre.

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