Smooth Start

We have time so we didn’t book through flights this time. Fly 4 hours stop in Toronto, sleep, fly 5 hours, rest for 3 hours in Barbados, fly an hour and Voila we are in Dominica. Well we aren’t there yet but I am counting my chickens. We are sitting in the airport in Barbados with the connecting flight an hour out.

There are still a few hurdles to leap, like meeting up with the car guy, Kemmany, and finding our way to the Coffee River Cottages but basically have all night so we should be able to make it work.

Found a plug to charge the iPad in the middle of the floor in the Barbados airport. Met a nice couple from Montreal that just finished their journey to Dominica. They were quite excited and were sure we were going to have a good time. There are not many travelers on the island and the above water sites are terrific.

Destination bound. Excited!

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