Off we go on a diversion. In order to make a decision on whether or not we dive Little Cayman in April, with our NY friends, depends on a number of factors. To resolve some of these we must again lay Africa aside and follow another path for awhile.

Issue one. Every school board in North America decides on what dates spring break will fall. What on earth does this have to do with a couple of retired folks and their dive trip you might ask? I have lived the rhythm of the school year since I was 6 years old. Now a good number of our diving partners, both from NY and Edmonton, work within the school system and our dive trips are somewhat influenced by their available holidays. Can we make the two different weeks of spring break, the one our New York friends have off and the one our Edmonton friends have, work in our favor to be able to dive with both groups?

Issue two. Cash. Simple enough, if we dive for 2 weeks or more can we afford to take another trip in the fall and do we want to just do the dive trip and be satisfied?

Issue three. Destination. We know our NY buddies are heading to Little Cayman. We know the diving is good there. Our Edmonton crew has not been many places, actually only Bonaire, so they have the opportunity to go anywhere where it will be a new and different experience.

Issue four. We decided when our Edmonton group started diving 2 years ago, Debbie and I would alternate dive trips with the NY group, but as I said above is there a way we can schedule the trip to dive with both groups?

The communication begins. We use mostly email to talk to our friends in New York. Email is not the best form of communication, it is often misread or misunderstood but for basic communication it is OK. We meet with our local crew and discuss the options. Using our rotation, the priority will be to dive with the Edmonton group.

Our first meeting with the potential divers nets commitment from 5  of us, R, A, B, Debbie and me and maybes from 3 others, S, J, and R2. It is easier to make decisions with only 5 so that will help. Discussed are 3 destinations and money. We could go to Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, or Cozumel. Debbie and I have been to Cozumel before but would be willing to go again. We split to research the possibilities and the costs.

The NY divers meet and a provisional itinerary is set, they will dive 3 days on Cayman Brac and 7 days on Little Cayman. This plan is good for Debbie and me because we can overlap the two different spring breaks and meet with both groups but it will depend on where the Edmontonians decide to go.

Research indicates that Cozumel is easier to get to and is WAY less expensive than either Cayman destination. There is some apprehension amongst our novice divers about the strong currents and drift diving but that can be overcome and must be faced at some point in one’s diving adventures. It is also very difficult for Debbie and me to extend our trip to Cayman, requiring a plane ride to Houston or Atlanta and a lot more cash. Cayman looks good but as above it is significantly more expensive.

The NY group have contacted the Little Cayman resort and there is limited availability for the dates required so there is an urgency for us northerners to make a decision on our destination and if Cayman be it to book accommodation.

Edmonton meeting 2. Sitting in the sun on the patio of the neighbourhood coffee shop, Blues, the conversation takes about twice as long as it should but it is a slow Saturday and no one seems in a big hurry. A decision has been made. The cost of Little Cayman is one of the prime concerns so this year we will go to Cozumel. We have also made a pact to dive in Little Cayman in the spring of 2015. Choosing the less expensive option and the availability of accommodation, the opportunity for our 3 maybes S, J, and R2 to join us has just been greatly increased.

As the accommodation in Cozumel is more or less unlimited the pressure has been abated somewhat and we can proceed with the organization of this trip at a more respectable pace. So it is back to Africa and all things pressing. We will continue to pursue the underwater adventure but this time we have some help and 5 of us will attack the web for info. It is sad for Debbie and me not to be able to meet with the Syracuse group, but alas we cannot do it all. We will for sure be planning to do so in the Spring of 2014.

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