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Debbie had mentioned that I am bald and shampoo may not be the biggest item of worry on the list of things we may have to eliminate from our l litre ziploc so we can board a plane in Kolkata with carry on bags, but being a dutiful husband I have been trying the various products. Debbie has also been trading the use of her ‘salon’ bought shampoo for the more pedestrian and boring ‘natural’ brands of hair cleaner.

First we tried the Soap Works Shampoo and Conditioner bar. It worked good for me. It cleaned my hair and my scalp, and since I do not usually use conditioner it left my hair noticeably soft. The soft part is not something I strive for but I did notice the difference. Debbie didn’t like the fact that the ‘lather’ wasn’t bubbly.   She thought the smell of the lather was quite strong. Even without the bubbles it cleaned well enough but did not leave her hair as soft as her other conditioner.

Next I tried the Sea to Summit Shampoo and Conditioner Pocket. I had been out road riding and it was a particularly dusty day. It took 3 flakes to get what felt like enough soap to wash my head. There was absolutely no lather what so ever. It did an OK job but as I has just remove all but a very small amount of my hair I could not tell if it left it any softer or not.

Of the alternatives that we had purchases the last to try was the Soap Works Tea Tree Oil bar. As far as lather was concerned it was similar to the Shampoo and Conditioner bar but maybe not as ‘creamy’.  It cleaned good, but again I could not tell if it left my hair soft. Debbie preferred this bar to the other two alternatives.

I do have a sensitivity to some soaps and if I do have a reaction I generally end up scratching my skin raw. I did not have any sensitivity to these products.

We will continue to use the product before we head to India and see how they work over the long term, but I think we have found one that will fulfill our needs. We will most likely add the Soap Works Tea Tree bar to our toiletries list.

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2 Responses to Shampoo Review

  1. Wen says:

    Can you use any of the soaps on your hair or just the Shampoo/Conditioner one?


    • debbie says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Sorry for the tardy reply. We have been renovating our house and have been negligent with the blog. We took the Tea Tree Oil bar to Bhutan and India and it worked just fine for my hair. My hair wasn’t silky smooth but it got clean. I much prefer this bar to the other one.


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