West Coast Trail Monday & Tuesday, August 5 & 6, 2013 – Victoria to Edmonton

It is 6:09 am, we jump out of bed at Murray’s cousin’s place, load the car with the few items that aren’t in the car already, point the car east and even with a 20 minute drive to Sydney we make the 7am ferry. It’s going to be a good day. Every time we stuff our bodies in or out of the car we are aware of the well used parts. It is odd but even our rear ends are stiff.

This city life is a bit unnerving. Back to the world of aggressive car drivers, traffic lights, neon signs, and all at speeds we have not encountered for 8 days. We’re kind of missing the serenity of the walk/camp routine.

We are not in any big hurry but the traffic is light and we make good time, stopping at the Lucerne Campground just west of Jasper for the night.

lucerne campground

Lucerne Campground – our last stop

It is the home run on Tuesday and even though we have again passed many deer signs we have yet to see a deer, there are as many moose signs on the east route as there was on the west route and still the only moose we saw was no where near the signs, no bear signs and no bears, we did however did see some elk.

jasper elk

Elk near Jasper

I know, big deal, they are a dime a dozen in the park but the two we see are two males with big racks swimming across a lake just east of Jasper. They swim to the shore adjacent to the highway, emerge from the water and calmly walked across the highway as if they own it. Cool (again you have to excuse me but I did grow up in the 60’s). Can’t say I have ever seen that.

jasper elk

Elk near Jasper

The road home continues completely uneventful, except I get to sleep while Debbie drives the last 200 km.

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