Last Day of Skiing at Mistaya Lodge

The ultimate day of skiing. When we get up there is 13 cm of new snow on the ground and it is still snowing when there is enough light to see out the window. A short while later a bit of blue sky appears, the hole gets bigger and bigger and finally we realize it is going to be a clear day.

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This is the sixth full day of skiing and everyone is moving just a little slower. We are still moving to getting on the snow but it is obvious we are not going to be out there at 10, the time we seem to have hit 5 days in row. Ten minutes late and we are bound for Grindl Glacier. We had skied there a couple of days ago but the tracks have been filled in with wind drift and with the snow last night we expect to have a clean slate to work with.

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The up track has to be reset but we have an idea where we want to go, we learned that last time, the big difference this time is we can see. The end goal is visible, making it far easier to set a track. The vision is good and there is no reason to let me go first but the folks I’m with say go ahead, there is lots of room for tracks, and someone doesn’t have to ask me twice so I get to etch my mark on an smooth ubiquitous surface. By the time we leave we have used up about ½ the available snow, but we have other fish to fry.

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Mohawk ridge awaits. J and I were there yesterday and T and Jo had not been there this trip yet. The 13 cm of new snow is quite evident on the wind sheltered up track and even though there is a set track we still have to plow our way to the top. J and I know where the good snow is and we let Jo and T in on our secret. Oh, the run is good. All of us have a grin. J and I go up again.

IMG_2370 (640x428)
J and I have skied together all week and our last run is off Red Ridge through the trees which tends back towards the lodge.

Oh my, what a day, what a week. We had a few OK runs and a whole bunch of great runs. The chopper comes tomorrow. I think we have had an abundance of skiing, but civilization beckons.

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