Epilogue, David Henry Lodge

David Henry Lodge

The lodge itself is no where near as palatial as others we have been to, semi communal sleeping quarters , no running water, no electricity, and an outhouse, but it is a super place, very cozy, has everything required and with only 8 people makes for a fantastic base of skiing. There is just a enough elbow room in the living ‘room’, there are 4 sleeping platforms that have enough room to share without intruding on others personal spaces and the outhouse is only a short walk in the middle of the night.

David Henry Lodge

The skiing terrain is outstanding, easily accessible, varied enough for all, and exciting.

I love being isolated in these lodges and without the internet to intrude the worldly worries disappear. We have had grand time, the company is good, it is beyond quiet, and the skiing has been great. I WILL BE BACK.

David Henry Lodge

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