Counting Down

We are a week out and have, for the most part, everything in place. Now it is just the waiting. I, being my cocky self, don’t think we should have any trouble adapting to the unfamiliar, Debbie, whose job it is to worry, is fussing about the unknown.

The big thing for us to remember is to keep our wits about us. Upon arrival we will be jet lagged and therefore vulnerable to local scams, we just have to be extra vigilant. We will. After a day or two, we will have developed a system with which we will be able to survive in the unfamiliar environment and we will function quite well. This has been the case time after time no matter where we travel.

Yesterday we did the bank thing and got our traveler’s cheques, and one very large stack of Indian Rupee’s. We always get enough of the local currency to start the trip.  For this trip we are going with what amounts to not very many dollars, but with a 45 to 1 exchange rate it turns into a large number of bills. A number of the bills are in small denominations and it will be difficult to carry the money in a wallet. We may need a small suitcase????

Important documents waiting for final packing

We did a ‘practice’ pack last night. We wanted to see what we could eliminate from the pile of stuff we have been accumulating over the last couple of weeks.  I managed to cull one pair of socks, one pair of underwear, one pair of pants and 3 t-shirts. We also managed to consolidate the small amount of diving equipment we are taking and we are able to leave one of the containers at home.

Culled clothing

I still think I have too much and will pain over what else I can do without. All in an effort to minimize volume and weight. Right now my bag is light but it always seems to get considerably heavier when I add all the items that we cannot add until the night before we leave.

Mur - "Purse" stuff in back of pic, airplane clothes on chair, suitcase stuff in forefront

Deb - Purse stuff in back, airplane clothes on chair, suitcase stuff in forefront

Zero minus 10;9;8;7 …. the waiting is the hardest. It seems the longest part of the journey. The trip itself will go so fast and when we return it will be hard to believe we ever went.

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