Cough, Choke, Gag and More Fish

Another day on the dongee and with the amount of diesel we are inhaling we might as well be breathing Kolkata air. This end of India is pretty much unpolluted but we have found a way to maintain our carbon fuel exhaust intake even here.

For all my complaints of the transportation, the diving is great. T & M, our dive partners from Australia are good divers and we make for a compatible group. M came out of the closet today and admitted that his love of the water is not for the diving. He is a fisherman first and a diver mostly because T loves to dive. I think M still gets a kick out of diving because he can check out all of the fish that are available to catch. A bit perverse, but each to his own. T’s interest is I think similar to ours and she just enjoys watching the undersea life going about its day to day routine.

We went to the Dixon Pinnacles today. We were awed at the number of fish around the first pinnacle. Schools of fish that numbered in the thousands. We just laid there in the water and looked up in amazement. Found some more Nemo-like fish. A Juvenile Emperor Angelfish that was electric blue with circular stripes. A huge ZigZag Oyster. A den of shrimps ready to clean anything (the camera housing) that appeared in their vicinity.

Rest day tomorrow and we should be off to the beach. Might be able to get enough clean air in our lungs to prepare for our next boat ride.

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