Bonaire Day ?;Can’t remember what day it is

The date, the day of the week and the number of days we’ve been here are all a blur. That’s cool though. We don’t really have to know. Our tasks are about the same every day, get up, dive, eat. I don’t think I would like to work here. The routine would wreck the schedule.

Debbie and I have to do some town stuff so it a 2 dive day. I could use the rest. On the boat at 8:30am and to Klien Bonaire and Rockpile. One of our diving companions finds a seahorse. I have no idea how a seahorse is discovered. I was shown where it was, I was within a foot of it and I could not see it until the divemaster pointed within an inch. Finally I was able to see what the excitement was about. My big accomplishment was to dive for 1hr. 15 mins. the longest dive I have ever done. Small things amuse me, so I am happy most of the time.

Dive 2, Bachelor’s Beach, really nice dive. Easy entry/exit and loads of interesting wildlife. Debbie found a leopard flat worm, maneuvering along the sand. It was a super find as they are quite rare and even the dive shop folks thought it was interesting. We also saw a couple of sharp tail eels, one was fishing and caught a small squid, I guess that is the way of the ocean.

Toured the downtown in search of a fish for our touring wall at home. Small place this Kralendijk, it took 1/2 hr. end to end and that was stopping in 1/2 of the shops on the main street. Managed to avoid the ice cream shops, so our waistlines did not suffer.

We came here to dive and dive is what we have been doing. The diving is great. I know there are as many likes and dislikes of certain aspects of diving as there are divers. Jack, the dive master at SubSea in Edmonton lives to see big fish, but Debbie and I are still enamored with the small colourful fish and coral. If you, like us still enjoy the small stuff Bonaire is fantastic. The biggest problem is there is so much stuff it is hard to find things, the unusual. There are so many hiding places for eels and lobsters it makes them hard to locate. Even still some unique things are found and the abundance of the usual is unusual in itself. We have been here less than a week and we are already lost in time.

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