Big Knife Provincial Park

It is good to get away from the day to day routine even when you’re retired and don’t really have the pressure of a ‘job’. We thought we could sneak in a couple of days of kayaking and went camping. Searching the internet we found an interesting campground on the Battle River upstream from Big Knife Provincial Park, one of our go to spots, Ferry Point Crossing Campground. We drove by and had a look thinking Big Knife is a good fall back.

The recon proved worthwhile. The campground is simple, not much infrastructure beyond tables, fire pits and an outhouse. There is river access but it is a little sketchy. We moved on to our fall back. The decisive factor was there was no one there. Although crowded campgrounds are not much fun, but when you plan to be on the river a few hours a day it might not be wise to leave all your gear unattended. Maybe we can try there another time.

We arrived at Big Knife and had our choice of camping spots. I think I said this before but Covid camping is over. The last couple of years most of the campground would have been full even midweek. As it is we had a pleasant couple of days chilling before getting ready to prepare for our upcoming trip to Aus/Indonesia. Only noise was the jack*** with the generator he turned on at 8.30pm and ran it till 10.00pm. One wouldn’t want to run out of electricity in the wilderness would one?

On the middle day of our stay we paddled farther upstream than we have done before. We didn’t see any animals, not even a cow or two. It was a pleasant paddle none the less.

All our camping trips this year seemed to prove out that the crowds we expected, due to Covid, did not materialize. We actually booked sites online for our first two outings and when we arrived, there was tons of space and we could have saved the reservation fee and just showed up. Camping the way it used to be. (except for the generators of course) Cheers to that.

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