Back Under the Water

Today we dive again. Mid island this time. The dive shop is different and the routine is different. Arrive at 8.15, early for us and as soon as we are ready the boat leaves. Short ride.

Beatrice gives the dive brief and the thing I note is that there is current here. Hem, haven’t had to deal with that in awhile. As we go under the current is stong and we nose into it as per the brief. As we get deeper the strength eases off and we lock into a nice slow pace.


Profile is a bit off as we cruise at 40 ft for the first part of the dive and then drop to 80 ft for the middle. The current changes direction half way through the dive and we drift the final part of the dive away from the boat. The boat person has to pick us up.

The second dive also has strong current and we play with it. Staying close to the bottom and behind coral so we can manoeuvre easily. This one is shallow so our air consumption allows for fighting the current.


I may have had my expectations high but the diving so far I would rate as good. There is nothing we have seen that is spectacular but the condition of the reef is good and the usual suspect fish are in attendance.

Every place has its challanges and we have not swum with a current in awhile. It is good to test ourselves every once in a while and it is good to learn how much better on air I am. Even with current and depth an hour dive is easily within reach.

Our good day of diving was finished off by a smashed in car window. The parking lot for the dive shop is somewhat secluded from the road and a nefarious sort thought he/she could find a few bucks by breaking into a tourist’s rental car. Fortunately we left nothing in the car and so the thief drove off with empty hands. The police came by, we got a loaner rental car while ours is being fixed so all is good so far. Oh, just so everyone knows, apparently things like that do not happen here. The owner of the Tamarind Tree Hotel was shocked to find out our car was broken into.


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