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Indonesian Thoughts

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. That is quite noticeable given the number of people about. It seems everyone drives either a motor or a mobil (motorbike or car). Considering the volume of vehicles, traffic moves … Continue reading

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SE Asia Immersion

Today is the day we leave the sterile environment of Singapore and jump with two feet into SE Asia. am and we are waiting for the restaurant at the Mercure Bugis to open so we can grab some breakfast. The … Continue reading

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The Packing Dilemma

Our trip has two parts – scuba diving in Indonesia and touring in Japan. How should we pack so we do not take the superfluous warmer clothing needed in Japan all the way to Raja Ampat and do not lug … Continue reading

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The Planning Continues for Raja Ampat

We have booked our liveaboard to Raja Ampat, so now we need flights. One of my tricks to finding out what airlines fly to where we need to go is to go onto the airport website of the city where … Continue reading

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