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As I mentioned in one of our other posts, the internet has changed the way we prepare for a trip. I read and read and read. I get a huge amount of information on any subject. Some useful, some not, some entertaining, some not, some factual, some not. I think the biggest thing is to cross reference the info I glean to get a real good approximation of what is fact and what is not.

I have spent the last week or so reading blogs on the West Coast Trail. Some of the blogs are written by individuals and do not purport to be anything other than their personal thoughts. Others are by hiking clubs and come across as being facts that you should know before you attempt the West Coast Trail. It is amazing how much these facts differ from one another and how different the interpretations of the true bloggers do not fall in line with the ‘facts’.

 Here are a few of the blogs I found helpful and why. (Note: this is from the pre-trip perspective)

http://blistersandbliss.com/  This is a good read. There is quite a bit of trail specific info and a few good general tips.

http://victoriahiatus.com/the-west-coast-trail.htm   This site is almost like a tourism BC site. It has good campsite reviews and some general WCT tips.

http://www.metatropo.com/reports/westcoasttrail0907.htm   Also a good read. This site seemed like an honest review. No glossing over and no scare mongering.

http://besthike.wordpress.com/n-america/west-coast-trail/   A very concise site with a good amount of useful info and some really good videos.

http://lookupzone.com/triplog/wct/  A blog by an adventurous couple that were, I think, not prepared to the hilt but did the hike without much difficulty albeit they did utilize the services of a guide.

http://www.hikingphoto.com/2012/09/04/west-coast-trail/  Good quality photos. Something to aim for.  The site gives a good pictorial of what to expect.

http://www.i-needtoknow.com/wct/index.html  I got a lot of info from this site and it led me to others. It has campsite reviews and in depth trail info for both beach and forest.

http://members.shaw.ca/jwlangman/Day0.htm  Again a good read and a somewhat honest account of the trail.

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